Threadmaster have been manufacturing a wide range of quality thread and plain gauges in the U.K. for more than 35 years, many of which are supplied with free of charge UKAS certificates issued by our UKAS laboratory (no 0249)

Free UKAS certificates are issued with the following gauges :

  • All screw plug gauges*

  • All taper screw plug gauges

  • All special screw ring gauges

  • All taper screw ring gauges

  • All plain plug gauges*

  • All plain ring gauges (taper and parallel)

* Double ended go/no go with handle


M8 X 1.25 6H Go/No screw plug gauge with free UKAS Certificate. £27.60

8mm H7 Go/No Go plain gauge with free UKAS Certificate. £19.50


An express delivery service is available on reversible and taperlock plain plug gauges.

Reversible style 5/6 working days

Taperlock style 6/7 working days

Trilock style 12/14 working days

Prices on application

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